Happiness WILL Fuel a Brighter Future States Element Events

Working on the frontline of customer interaction, event marketing firm Element Events understand the difference a little happiness can make, and how a positive attitude can drive performance and improve customer satisfaction.  

Marketing agency, Element Events provide personalised marketing services to businesses looking to increase their brand exposure, generate quality leads and acquire new customers to grow their business. The company forge business relationships with customers through in-person communications, so happiness and a positive outlook are vital to what they do and how they interact with their clients’ target audience.   

Element Events states that the quality of the customer interactions and ultimately, the customer buying experience is affected by how happy and positive the customer sales representative is. The happiness and attitude of a company’s reps funnel down to the customer and has a definite impact on their experience with the brand.  Element Events believe that the people who represent a brand must be feeling at their best because if they feel at their best, the customers are going to get the best experience.  

Not only does a positive outlook result in better customer service, but a rise in happiness in the workplace can also dramatically boost the economy; a new study has calculated that a 1% happier workforce could increase the economy by £24 billion.  

The study collected data of the mood of over 1500 employees and as a result was able to understand what creates happier and more productive staff.  The data also categorised workers into four ‘tribes’ based on their happiness and productivity levels.  These tribes were: 

‘Thrives’ are the happiest, productive, and engaged workers with the lowest levels of stress.  Thrives are also the best advocates of a company. 

‘Stoic Contributors’ are very productive but unhappy at work so are the most stressed and at risk of burnout. 

‘Ineffective Passengers’ are happy but unproductive.  They are loyal and can act as great advocates.  

‘Treading Water’ workers are unhappy, unproductive, and highly stressed.  

Element Events are proud to state that the firm is built on a community of ‘thrives’.  Since they work face to face with customers, as the face of their client’s brand, it is essential for individuals to be happy, positive, and productive because it has a direct impact on the success of their client’s business.