Element Events Reveal the Marketing Trends Companies Can’t Afford to Miss

Last week, Sales and marketing firm Element Events announced the marketing trends that are set to have a significant impact over the final half of 2017, and why brands can’t afford to ignore these industry developments.  

Element Events is an event marketing firm that develops personalised and engaging marketing campaigns for their clients. They provide services that help brands grow, which helps them to adapt to their consumers’ needs. By constantly evolving with their clienteles’ ever-changing marketing needs, Element Events can offer a competitive service that includes extensive market research. Their creative approach to personalised event marketing aims to set them apart from other firms that adopt traditional mass marketing techniques.

Incite Group considered the responses of 1300 marking executives in the first months of 2017 to compile the research paper centring around new trends.  Key findings of the paper include:

Personalization Is Huge – Consumers want to feel valued, their viewpoint heard.  Brands are looking to find a super formula to address the masses in a manner that is received as if it was personally drafted for them.  Data collection is the focus for many marketers as they don’t want to be left behind by the competition.

Brand Storytelling Is on the Rise – as people are becoming increasingly reliant on varying smart devices, each brand is looking to share a story to ensure their representation is uniform across all platforms.  From the report: “Brand storytelling made a big jump, up some six percentage points, to the second largest issue from fourth place a year ago. The focus is especially stark among MarTech firms, with 52 percent of these respondents citing it as crucial. That was the highest reading of any issue with either MarTech or Corporate respondents.”

Social Media for Customer Engagement Is Now Essential – an active rising element of the marketing study, with an additional 13 percent of clients demanding participation means that it is unavoidable for brands to now ignore social media as a customer contact point.

VR, AI, and IoT: These New Tech Gimmicks Aren’t Catching On – Consumers are showing a distinct lack of interest in new tech gimmicks and shouldn’t place any further emphasis in this area, instead of setting time spent in more critical areas to improve personalisation.

Element Events are keen for brands to lend their marketing to direct approaches where personalisation is a natural process, and data collection offers a 4D representation.


Source: https://tech.co/2017-marketing-trends-2017-06