Element Events Outline the Customer Service Facts Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore

Sales and marketing firm Element Events has released a statement in light of the changing marketing landscape and outlined that when it comes to connecting with customers, personalisation is key.  

In recent years the sales and marketing sector has seen a rise in companies shifting their customer service processes to digital, relying on computer systems to deal with everything from customer queries, praises, and complaints. Element Events believe that this digital epidemic is not offering customers a personal service, and is not fulfilling client needs.

A recent study by Jupiter Research and Forrester Research Inc found that an astounding 42% of online shoppers stated that they had contacted a retailer about an online purchase in the last six months. Element Events understand that this statistic highlights a clear demand for an increase of communication between brands and customers, proving an evident need for customer support being readily available before a purchase is completed.

Recent research by touch agency found that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated as a consumer. Element Events believe that this is a clear indication that online and digital mediums do not offer an efficiently attentive and meaningful experience for the customer. In a rapidly expanding digital space where social media provides customers with the ability to provide brand feedback with minimal effort, complaints are often more common that praises. Element Events believe this to be due to the falling rate of personalised customer interaction, highlighting the fact that customers should be made to feel special when making a purchase, particularly when competition is rising.

Element Events put a high priority on its customer interaction and offers a number of personalised services that focus on helping their clients to reach customers on a personal level. The firm believes that human to human contact is vital in such a customer-focused industry as sales and marketing, ensuring that it sets a high bar with its customer service. Element Events understands that excellent customer service instils a sense of confidence within the brand, providing repeat business and positive customer recommendations. The firm reiterates that customer service is at the forefront of all their campaigns, and urges other companies to follow their example.