Element Events discuss habits entrepreneurs should adopt at the end of the year.

Manchester-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Element Events is leading the industry in the North. The firm host exciting campaigns across the nation, with plans to expand across the globe in 2018, taking inspiration from their namesake. Elements are evident across the world.  

Revisit your mission: Element Events advise how the end of the business year is the perfect time for reflection upon the past 12 months, with the particular focus on successes and failures. The firm explores how taking this time is the ideal way to revisit an individual’s personal missions, and targets; whether these have changed or remain the same. The firm advises asking three fundamental questions, “What should I change?” “What should I keep the same?” and “What don’t I know yet?” Reflection is a crucial aspect of success and is the only way to efficiently review how an individual is performing, and whether they are on the path to success.  

Express Gratitude: Element Events are keen to encourage their contractors to reflect on everyone who has helped them in their journey over the past year, consisting of clients, contractors, and colleagues. The firm advises how taking the time to express gratitude to others not only builds strong relationships, yet also encourages others to reflect on their own actions throughout the year.  

Organise Finances: The firm is keen to encourage their aspiring entrepreneurs at Element Events to take the time to reflect on their finances, a vital trait of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to reflect on monetary values, where expenses are necessary and those that are not while setting budgets. The ability to log profits is a valuable skill the firm is keen to instil in their aspiring entrepreneurs from the beginning of their careers.  

Review calendar: Element Events understands the importance of conducting a calendar audit every 12 months, taking the time to evaluate areas of free time, and opportunities for optimisation. Fundamental questions to consider, involve reviewing time spent away on business trips, in meetings, commuting time and productivity levels during each activity.  

Element Events is keen to provide the tools and opportunities to their determined contractors, understanding how each individual has a wealth of aspirations, with a dream to focus the route of entrepreneurship. The company continues to provide seminars and motivational meetings to the Element Events team to inspire, encourage and guide their young professionals into the sales and marketing industry.