Element Events Agree with Surprising New Study into Acing Job Interviews

After a new report by University College London Found that being open about flaws can lead to job interview success, Element Events has highlighted why they believe admitting what skills need to be improved is the first step to an individual finding success.

Companies that are looking to increase their brand exposure and acquire new customers to grow their business and to generate quality leads, use the services provided by the marketing agency, Element Events. The company offers services to clients that personalise their marketing strategy and helps them to forge new business relationships with customers through face-to-face approaches.

Data from new research by scientists at UCL shows that people who voluntarily bring up personal weaknesses at job interviews have a better chance at being successful in landing the job because it makes them stand out from their competitors. Lawyers, for example, who were most upfront about their inadequacies were five times more likely in getting the job than their rivals who portrayed a perfect image. When it came to teachers, they were 22% more likely to get the job. Psychologists who looked at the data have named the concept as ‘self-verification’; this means a person’s drive to be seen by other people in the same way as they see themselves. This way of accounting for oneself subconsciously goes down well with interviewers who are impressed by people’s ability, to be honest, and upfront about areas they need to work on.

Previous research has indicated that between 65% and 92% of people misrepresent themselves in some way or another during a job interview.  Element Events states that it is essential, to be honest, when in a job interview because most of the time the interviewer can tell the difference between a person selling themselves and misrepresenting themselves.

Element Events agrees that being upfront about weaknesses is a positive thing.  The firm highlights that each person is aware that they can be a better version of themselves and this awareness demonstrates a willingness to learn and improve.  Element Event believes that this mindset is vital to success in the sales and marketing industry.


Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/06/22/honest-weaknesses-key-landing-top-jobs-new-study-finds/