In Business Competition is the Best Motivation States Element Events

Sales and marketing firm Element Events has spoken out on why as a company it is adamant that competition is vital to building motivation and pushing forward with professional goals. 

Element Events is an outsourced sales and marketing company that increases brand exposure, generates quality leads and specialises in customer acquisition for businesses looking to grow. The firm offers personalised marketing campaigns and is experienced at forging strong, lasting relationships with target consumers with their unique in-person methods. The sales and marketing industry is a competitive place, only those with ambition and motivation will be able to succeed and build a bright future. In a sense, the industry weeds out the top achievers and the determined from the rest of the pack.

Competition builds motivation among those who are willing to succeed at whatever it is they are doing, whether that be sports or academic excellence. It is also a vital component in the workplace, as it pushes members of the same team to attain higher and higher sales targets and allows companies to out-do each other for a greater share of the market or to achieve growth demands. Competition creates relationships based around goal-setting, and these relationships help to motivate others as they give people higher expectations for their levels of performance. Element Events is confident that competitve environments offer points of references for people to know how they can improve and push forward.

A recent study looking into competition and exercise uncovered a fundamental concept that could help increase motivation. When divided into two groups where participants were put into either a supportive group or a competitive group, it was found that the competitive group achieved more, attending exercise programs more often. In competitive groups, people who exercised the most inspired others to do so the same. When translated into the business world, competing with other top sales peoples will enable strong forces of motivation for each individual within a company.

Element Events enjoys incorporating a culture that nurtures healthy competition. The firm holds regular competitions for their contractors, those who beat set targets are whisked away to be rewarded with adventure activities or taken on holiday. Such incentives help inspire action from the firm’s young workforce and motivate performance. These findings are quite an important motivator for the business and have driven the company to come up with even more new and exciting ways to implement some more of these ideas into their work practices.