We’re Element Events.
Marketing experts combining all the elements of your marketing needs to create the perfect marketing campaign.


Delivering a wealth of experience and expertise

Like the 4 Elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Wind – make the world tick, we know what makes your business tick, making us the ideal marketing solution for your business needs. As the elements combine to create the world as we know it, we combine our wealth of experience with our friendly salesforce to evolve your marketing campaign into an exciting representation of your brand that connects with your existing and potential customers alike.

Based in Manchester, we are an active marketing force, not only in our surrounding areas but across the whole of the UK. This means you will have access to high-quality leads throughout the most populous areas of the UK. We are spreading our elements across the globe to become a dominant force to be reckoned with, just like Earth, Fire, Wind and Water!


Change is our speciality

As the elements expand and grow, so do we. Infamous for our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs, our personalised marketing services are perfect for generating real connections with real people interested in your products and services. We are evolving with our clienteles’ ever-changing marketing needs and our services help us to conduct extensive market research, helping your brand to grow and adapt to the consumers’ desires.

Having evolved to include the most popular marketing techniques we are proud to offer quality event marketing solutions. Our personalised event marketing campaigns consist of our own vital campaign elements – Fun, Personal Connections, Passion and Results – and are ideal for businesses looking to grow their business, raise brand awareness, generate quality leads, acquire new customers and ensure brand loyalty.

Fire Catchers

Our unique pop-up events are designed to attract the highest quality of consumer leaving you free to focus on your own business elements.

Passion Drivers

Attracting consumers is only half of what we do, we turn leads into quality paying customers who are excited brand advocates/crucial elements for your business..

Result Wielders

Customers connecting with your business on a personal level + our friendly salesforce = all the elements for success!

Flying with the Wind

We will extend your brand awareness throughout Manchester, the surrounding areas and the rest of the UK via extensive market research.

Connecting with the Earth

We get to know your brand on a personal level allowing us to personalise your campaign to both your needs and the needs of your ideal consumers.

Always Evolving

We are always adapting and evolving our campaigns by meticulously learning new industry skills which help our results develop and grow.